Grand Canyon Residency - working in the park
















In 2012 I was invited by the U.S. National Park Service to undertake a residency in the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

My self-directed remit during this project, was to use creative techniques with ice and paper to investigate processes of erosion in the canyon.

Upon my return home, an Arts Council England grant was to enable me to exhibit and deliver a series of talks in Leicester. A two month exhibition and workshop series 'Grand Canyon 2012' was hosted at Creative Hinckley Gallery, Leicester from November 2012.



During the residency, accommodation provided by the N.P.S. was a studio/apartment above the historic Verkamps General Store, perched high on the edge of the canyon, with far reaching views towards the North Rim. A balcony at the front of the residence was to provide a popular location for many of the photoshoots.

From the first day of my residency in the canyon I used my time to investigate evidence and inspiration sources from in and around my location on the South Rim. These studies were then developed into complex paper compositions, frozen into ice and taken back out on location for photographic documentation.

A hike to the bottom of canyon during the second week, enabled me to gather further visual evidence and samples, that were to prove pivotal to the direction and content of my final portfolio.

Part of my role as artist in residence involved presentation's to the general public, at the bottom of the canyon I gave a talk to small groups at Phantom Ranch Amphitheatre under the stars, back up on the South Rim my final talk at The Shrine of Ages to around 200 people was the culmination of a remarkable trip.


A day by day account of the residency can be found in my Visual Blog May 2012.



Special thanks to:

U.S National Park Service

The Grand Canyon Association

Arts Council England