Sainsbury's Public Art Commission, October 2013.

My brief for this commission was to produce 5 large scale works which reflected the cultural and historical characteristics of the historic market town of Melton Mowbray. As part of the research leading to the project I was to spend time with children from two local schools - The Grove Primary School and St Mary's Church of England School. 




An initial proposal to Sainsbury's outlined my vision of a series compositions to be entirely made up of illuminated sliced fruit and vegetables. Work with the children provided me with much of the inspiration and energy for the works and many ideas including 'we would like to see the hunt, but can the fox be a long way from the horses?'





4 Small panels represent an imaginary journey through Melton Mowbray featuring many of the historical buildings and local people making their way around town. There are also sheep passing through the town on trucks and cattle wandering amongst the shops. Market stalls are manned by stall holders who can also be seen in the larger picture playing football. The whole composition is made up of illuminated macro images of fruit and vegetables.




The large composition represents an exploded view of the town, again entirely made up of illuminated fruit and vegetables. Distant hills of melon and cucumber embrace a townscape featuring the Country Park (mid-ground), the station and church (right), the shops including the Ye Olde Porke Pie Shoppe, and the Play Close Park (in the foreground). Red leaves running through the centre of the work represent the large Copper Beech Trees that encircle the park. A fox nestles on the river back whilst hunters race across the distant fields. The whole scene is busy with fruit and vegetable people, the children that I worked with provided me with many of the ideas for these activities and inspiration for this aspect of the work came from JS Lowry. 







'The Crescent Bus Station and Shopping Centre'

Artwork Commission, October 2014 



Original design concept 'Stocking Up' 


November 2015 saw the completion of my public art commission on behalf of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council. For the Crescent Bus Station and Shopping Centre which is currently under the final stages of construction.

I was delighted to be involved with this project which has been almost 18 months in the making. The original concept for this commission was a sculpture (see visuals above). My idea was selected by the the public last year and I have been developing the concept since that initial nod. This sculpture would have been a lot of fun! With the constraints of budgets and risk, the idea has now evolved into a piece to be fixed to the wall. 
The final artwork imagery can been seen below. Inspiration for the artwork is taken from Hinckley's historic hosiery industries which which flourished until the late 1980's. The six stockings from left to right, represent various aspects of cultural and historical Hinckley, they are in chronological order King Richard the III, A hosiery basket (from the museum), the museum windows, a motorcycle, the Atkins and College Buildings, and shoppers wandering through the new shopping centre.
The artwork has involved lots of location based research/photography and the assistance of many advisors including Jola Higgs, Peter Berry, the very staff at the museum and Simon Jones of Hinckley Borough Council to name a few.
Final artworks involved original photographs and paintings which were put through a process of digital manipulation.





More photographs to follow, once lighting fixed and shops open.