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In September 2014, I undertook a second residency on behalf of the US National Park Service, this time at Crater Lake Oregon. During the 3 week residency I used intervention processes with ice/paper photography to explore themes associated with climate change.

I was hoping to take advantage of cold night-time temperatures to make ice compositions outside, ready for photography sessions in and around the crater during the day. However, ironically the weather was unseasonable warm, meaning that the work needed to be frozen in the Chief Superintendents freezer.


Whilst at the crater I lived in a small rustic cabin in the woods just 3 miles below the rim. My close proximity to the lake allowed me easy opportunities to transport melting ice compositions to various vantage points around the park, for photography sessions, and early morning hikes along the deserted trails to gather research. The location of the park and the intense blues bouncing around the lake provided the most incredible back drop and blues provided a spectacular back drop for the ice works.