The ecology of the Grand Canyon changes with the layers of strata as you descend or ascend the canyon, with mini ecosystems dictating the changing flora and fauna along the route. On the South Kaibab Trail beyond Cedar Ridge I came across a field of Agave with towering flowering stems.


The 'Agave' portfolio is inspired by the Yucca and the Agave, both are fascinating resident organic structures in the desert. Should I return to the canyon the Agave would make for a great inspiration source, dead or alive. Travelling up to the canyon from Phoenix one is afforded a ranging vista of resident Agave along the route.


This particular sculpture was one of the first test pieces that I made upon arrival in the canyon and used a brown paper carrier bag from the supermarket as its paper ingredient. The sculpture was photographed on May 3rd over a 30 minute period on the Verkamps balcony at sunset. The ice captures the changing light as it passes through all of the stages of sundown.