The 'Supai' portfolio was photographed on 23 May on the front balcony of the Lookout Studio, in a situation right over the canyon.


The sculpture in its latter stage started to break down with large gaps in the ice revealing a blurred vision of the canyon beyond. Despite the high winds in the canyon on that day it was quite warm, yet the sculpture took over 3 hours to fully melt and break down. This piece is speaks to me about the erosion and shifting strata in the canyon.


All around me whilst I took these photographs there is a Condor 'stakeout'  taking place on the Lookout Studio balcony around me, with around 6 people who have been here since dawn waiting for the Condors to appear. Yesterday the Condors put on a spectacular show in this very spot. Its is as if they like to suddenly emerge from inside the canyon to 'rattle' the tourists.