The 'Red Hermit' and 'Supai' are in effect the same sculpture photographed in two slightly different locations at the Lookout Studio on 23 May, this beautiful historic masterpiece designed by Mary Colter in 1914 offered sheltered location on the rim as a perfect photo shoot location. 


High winds blowing down the canyon had made the week difficult I lost a number of ice sculptures as I photographed out on location due to them blowing off the stand. The people at the The Lookout Studio kindly offered me a sheltered position in the building for a day of photography.  


All of Colter's buildings seem to have these interesting little secret places built into the design and the Lookout Studio is no exception. My location was a little balcony tucked underneath the building to the right looking down into the canyon over a little balcony, the green tinges showing through the ice are the shrubs that cling to the rocks under the canyon rim. 


In 'Red Hermit', red rock dust gathered down on the canyon trail and integrated with the ice, can clearly be seen. The name involves a little artistic licence as no such rock exists - sincere apologies if you are a rock purist!