This series is named after the Temple Butte Limestone formation which is some 385 million years old. There are samples of this rock collected from the canyon along the Trail of Time which runs along the rim near to Verkamps.


The ice sculpture was photographed 14 May between 7.00 and 8.30am on the edge of the South Rim under Verkamps. The Temple Butte ice photo shoot records the light in the ice as it rises over the canyon and shifts from cool shades. Dappled shade from a nearby Gambel Oak hanging over the canyon tree adds another dimension to the work.


This series is the first portfolio from the residency which integrates rock debris from the canyon. The debris collects in the ice, following its inherent organic structure -  this developement turns out to be a breakthrough direction for my work during the residency.


The day after this photo shoot I headed down into canyon to Phantom Ranch via the South Kaibab Trail with a new agenda to observe and collect rock dust samples along the way. The South Kaibab Trail certainly did not disappoint, the rock formations along the way are fascinating.